Strange iOS 12 notification bug annoys iPhones users

 iphone ios 12 update

Apple has officially confirmed about its upcoming event on September 12. Many fans and buyers are eagerly waiting for the day as the company is expected to roll out three new iPhone models. However, users are also supposed to get the final version of the iOS 12 software update on the same day. While just a few days are remaining, a strange bug in the iOS 12 beta update has emerged.

iphone ios 12 update

All the iPhone users, who are either testers or a part of Apple’s public beta program, are getting a notification pop up which asks them to update their OS to the latest version. Despite closing it over and over again, it keeps appearing on the screen leaving the users irritated. While some are seeing this notification every time they lock their phone and unlock it the next time, many others have been getting it at random intervals.

Since the final update has not been officially rolled out, there’s no option to actually upgrade the iOS version. The bug was reported by people encountering the problem on social media.

A developer named Guilherme Rambo has given his insights on the probable cause of the bug. According to him, the OS does the date/time calculation in Springboard to know when the ongoing version will expire. And, apparently, it’s getting a false information that the validity of the current version is about to end.

Apple has not yet commented anything on the matter and it is still unclear when the issue will get fixed. On September 12, Apple is reported to unveil an array of devices including the Apple Watch, new MacBook Pro and others along with the new iPhone models.