SEOs on Google e-commerce category recommendation: ‘I’ll stop doing it when it stops working.’

E-commerce SEOs often place relevant content about a category in the footer of their e-commerce category pages, hoping it will help the page rank in search. But Google’s John Mueller recently suggested in a webmaster hangout that this isn’t a good idea. He said “I’d try to stick to really informative content and put that in places where you think that users will be able to see it,” rather than throwing that content on the footer of the page. John’s advice. John said this at the 7:18 mark of the video documenting the hangout. In short, he said it is best to have your content integrated into the category pages where the content is useful to the web site visitor.  “Things you could do here,” he said, “is kind of make sure that those pages are well-integrated with your website so that we have a clear context of how those pages should belong the website and what those pages are about.” He added, “another thing you can do is when you have that listing of products — make sure that there’s so…

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