How I Boosted My Rankings Without Creating Content or Building Links

I know what you are thinking, this isn’t impossible. Because the more content you have and the more links you have, the higher your rankings will be. Although that is true, it doesn’t mean that content marketing and link building are the only ways to increase your rankings. It doesn’t matter what update Google rolls out, I’ve found that there are a few hacks that consistently work to boost your rankings without creating more content or building more links. So, are you ready to find out what they are? What does Google want to rank at the top?Before I get into the exact “hacks” and tactics that can boost your rankings, I want to first help you change the way you think about SEO. Do you think Google really cares about on-page SEO and link building? Sure, it matters to some extent, but that’s not what Google cares about the most. Google wants to rank websites that people love. If they ranked websites that you hated, then you would slowly stop using Google. And if people stopped using Google, then …

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