SEO for the Holidays: 2019 Edition

For anyone who’s been involved in SEO for longer than a few months, you’ll know that you’re dealing with a rapidly changing environment.
Not only are we dealing with algorithms that change daily but it’s compounded with SERP layout changes and often dramatic shifts in device usage.
You’re hopefully already well-underway with your holiday SEO efforts for 2018, but SEO in 2019 and beyond is going to be very different than the Google you’re optimizing for today.
As we mentioned above, there are three core areas of change we need to keep our eyes on:
AlgorithmsSERP layoutsDevices
So, let’s look at them one-by-one and what you need to be thinking of as you prep for the holidays, which are just 15 short months away.
Algorithms In 2019

If there is a constant in SEO, it’s change.
Constant change.

Google updates their algorithms on an almost daily basis and with machine learning, this is sure to accelerate with the barrier to change and testing dropped to near-zero.
Without a doubt, the focus of algorit…

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